Microflex Medical Exam Gloves

Microflex, part of Barrier Safe Solutions International group, is a manufacturer of disposable gloves which include medical exam gloves. Since 1998, Microflex has supplied healthcare facilities quality nitrile, chloroprene (neoprene), vinyl, and latex exam gloves.

Microflex's value proposition is ensuring the highest level of quality being the only medical glove distributor in the United States to be ISO 13485. ISO 3485 requirements for medical glove standards exceed the quality level set forth by the FDA. Their established quality system has enabled Microflex to stand as one of the leading medical glove manufacturers to distribute exam gloves worldwide.

Microflex has an extensive product line of exam gloves from natural latex options to various synthetic gloves. Whether you are looking for vinyl, nitrile, or chloroprene, Microflex has it.

Official website of Microflex - www.microflex.com


Microflex Nitrile Exam Gloves


Microflex Latex Exam Gloves


Microflex Vinyl / PVC Exam Gloves


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