Microflex Derma Care Vinyl Gloves

- Powdered Vinyl Exam Glove

Microflex Derma Care Vinyl Gloves


One of the most cost effective exam glove on the market is Microflex's Derma Care glove. This medical glove is lightly powdered and made from vinyl synthetic material. As the use of vinyl exam gloves grew, a major complaint received from healthcare staff is that vinyl gloves "don't seem to protect as well as latex gloves". Despite the material, all medical exam gloves will protect individuals from bloodborne pathogens and this includes vinyl exam gloves. To combat this perception, Microflex released the Derma Care glove which is much thicker than standard vinyl gloves.

Being lightly powdered, the Derma Care gloves are easier to don than traditional vinyl gloves without donning agents. When the hands are damp, putting on exam gloves can become quite difficult and vinyl is harder to don than latex since the synthetic material does not stretch as well as rubber.

*** Caution: The Microflex Derma Care Vinyl gloves are powdered. The FDA advises against powdered gloves since the powdering agents can lead to dangerous allergic reactions in individuals. Consider the powder-free glove version by Microflex: Derma Free.

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