Exam Glove Manufacturing Process

10/15/2006 - Written by the Medical Exam Glove team

Making latex exam gloves is a multi-stage process to ensure quality, medical-grade gloves are produced. The quality of gloves will differ based on how the factories treat each manufacturing stage. The following pages illustrate what these stages are to make exam gloves from gathering the raw materials to making the final inspection.

Table of Contents

Making latex exam gloves start from collecting the raw material needed which is natural rubber. After workers tap the rubber trees for latex sap, the materials are sent to the glove factories where they will be combined according to the glove specifications. At the glove factories, exam glove formers go through stages of dipping, powdering, rinsing, and drying until latex gloves are made. For detailed process, click the following to observe the different phases of manufacturing latex exam gloves.


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