Exam Glove Manufacturing Process

Good Glove Leaching


Medical Glove Manufacturing - Leeching Process

Latex Gloves Leeched To Clean Gloves


After drying the latex mixture, the gloves are put through a leaching line to remove residual chemicals and proteins from the surface of the gloves. A good leaching line should be long, so latex proteins can be more effectively washed out. The water should also be hot and fresh to dissolve proteins better. This step is crucial to minimize the occurence of latex sensitivity. The key to making a good medical glove is to have a good leaching line. Factories that have bad leaching lines will probably be dirty in addition to the leaching line being short.

The glove leaching stage is one area factories will vary depending on the quality of exam gloves that are produced. Implenting a long leaching stage is expensive because there is an opportunity cost in the number of disposable gloves the production line can produce. The best factories will constantly circulate fresh water adding to the cost of making exam gloves marginally more expensive.


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