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Kimberly Clark is known for providing high quality nitrile exam gloves with their signature Purple Nitrile glove. Due to the success of their Purple Nitrile gloves, Kimberly Clark is the largest provider of nitrile exam gloves in the United States. The "Purple Glove" is easily recognized by its color and has been associated as the exam glove to use for high-risk situations by nurses and physicians. The color purple for medical exam gloves has been trademarked by Kimberly Clark. In addition to the success of the Purple Nitrile, Kimberly Clark gloves have seen huge success with the launch of the Sterling Nitrile exam glove. The Sterling Nitrile medical glove has been one of the first affordable nitrile exam gloves for the healthcare industry. In addition to nitrile exam gloves, Kimberly Clark offers synthetic vinyl exam gloves in the medical exam glove line up.

In 2006, Kimberly Clark decided to exit the production of latex exam gloves partly due to the rising cost of the raw material natural rubber latex and to focus on its synthetic exam glove business. This decision coincides with the healthcare industry's push for a latex-free enviornment within hospitals to protect patients and healthcare workers from latex allergies.

Kimberly Clark is a global company providing medical products for households, healthcare, and professional industries. The Kimberly-Clark Health Care division manufactures medical exam gloves for healthcare professionals.

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