Kimberly-Clark Sterling Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

KC Sterling Silver Exam Glove


Following the success of their "Purple Glove", Kimberly-Clark launched a thinner glove called the Sterling Nitrile. Colored silver, the Sterling Nitrile is a more affordable nitrile alternative for hospitals that wish to go latex-free completely. Prior to the Sterling exam glove, vinyl (PVC) material was the only cheaper latex-free exam glove choice. This became a concern with nurses who question the ability of vinyl exam gloves to act as an good barrier to diseases. The Sterline Nitrile exam glove was created for this reason.

The Sterling Nitrile exam glove is made thinner than standard nitrile gloves and is thus cheaper. One thing to note is that this exam glove is not recommended for use when handling chemotherapy drugs. However, this exam glove does an excellent job protecting against bloodborne pathogens. The Sterling Nitrile has been widely successful as nurses praise the high level of tactile sensitivity they feel while they have the gloves on their hands.

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