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Sempermed is a leading global manufacturer that focuses on creating quality exam gloves to provide the best protection for the hands. Although Sempermed provides protective gloves for many industries, they are known for providing excellent medical gloves from latex, nitrile, and vinyl to their new chloroprene and polyethylene line of exam gloves.

Many medical supply companies that manufacture medical exam gloves are known to rely on third party glove factories located around the world. Sempermed goes a step further by owning and directly running their own manufacturing plants to ensure the highest quality control is maintained throughout the whole manufacturing process of their exam glove. Sempermed has glove factories in Hatyai, Thailand and Wimpassing, Austria where they are continually making technological improvements to medical gloves with their research and development program.

An advantage with choosing Sempermed is their wide selection of quality medical gloves. No matter how picky you may be, Sempermed probably has a glove to suit your needs.

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