Sempermed SemperCare Vinyl Gloves

- Powder-free Vinyl Exam Glove

Sempermed SemperCare Vinyl Exam Gloves


The SemperCare PVC exam glove is a reliable, cost-effective vinyl glove that is recommended for general use. Traditional vinyl gloves can be more transparent looking which does not give nurses the confidence in the ability of the exam glove to provide adequate protection. Although all exam gloves will protect you against bloodborne pathogens, perception is another story. For this reason, the SemperCare Vinyl glove has a solid creamy color to appear more similar to latex. In addition, the SemperCare exam glove is made from a new resin that gives a softer, more flexible feel to it compared to other vinyl gloves.  

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Sempermed SemperCare
Tensile Strength (Before Aging)
11 MPa min
Elongation (Before Aging)
300% min
Finger Thickness
.05 mm or 2.0 mil
Palm Thickness
.08 mm or 3.2 mil
235 mm


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