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Exam Glove Type - Differences among latex, vinyl, & nitrile gloves

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Chemical Protection - Data on permeation rate of chemicals on nitrile gloves

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In the end, there are 3 important considerations when determining which exam glove to purchase:

Nurse giving children shot with green gloves1. Level of Protection - What level of protection do you require? After all, this is the primary reason we wear exam gloves. This will determine what material the gloves should be made out of. For example, if you require protection from chemical liquids, a nitrile glove would be best selection.

2. Comfort & Fit - Is the glove easy to don and comfortable to wear? Selecting the perfect glove can be a challenge and there is no better way than trying them on yourself.

3. Cost - What is your budget? Sometimes cost will often determine what type of gloves to purchase, but luckily the exam glove market has become quite competitive to make shopping for the best value better than ever.