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Ansell Healthcare offers a wide selection of medical exam gloves from latex to latex-free options. Ansell offers vinyl, nitrile, and neoprene synthetic gloves. Ansell's wide selection of medical gloves has sustained Ansell Healthcare as one of the largest exam glove providers in the United States.

Ansell's exam glove brand is Micro-Touch. Ansell's aim is to provide reliable exam gloves to healthcare facilities. Although Ansell does not have a unique exam glove brand like Kimberly-Clark or Medline, Ansell's strength is in its ability to be competitive in the standard latex, vinyl, and nitrile medical gloves. Hospitals have different requirements when choosing exam gloves and regardless of what they may be, Ansell Healthcare probably has a solution. Looking at their latex exam gloves, Ansell offers a powdered and powder-free version. Looking at their nitrile exam gloves, Ansell offers a textured glove and a smooth nitrile glove. In addition, Ansell is one of the few manufacturers to offer neoprene medical exam gloves.

Ansell Healthcare manufactures and distributes medical gloves for the health-care industry. In addition, Ansell focuses on other products that gives barrier protection like industrial gloves and condoms.

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