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Cardinal Health offers a range of medical grade exam glove products from latex to latex-free options. Cardinal Health is known for offering the Neu-thera line of exam gloves for protecting hands from moisture loss. The Neu-thera exam gloves have an inner coating of vitamins and lotions for moisturizing the hands. Cardinal Neuthera line has gained success due to nurses complaining about getting dry, cracked hands from frequent glove donning and handwashing.

A new medical exam glove that has gained popularity within the healthcare community is Cardinal's NV Synthetic glove. "NV" stands for "nitrile-vinyl" because this exam gloves uses a mixture of the two rather than being 100% vinyl or nitrile. Many hospitals strive to be latex-free and the two options that are typically presented are vinyl and nitrile. Since nitrile gloves are more expensive, cost-conscious hospitals typically choose vinyl gloves as their primary medical exam glove of choice. Although vinyl gloves provide adequate protection against bloodborne pathogens, there is some negative perception by nurses that they don't protect as well as vinyl and nitrile. Cardinal released the NV Synthetic gloves because the addition of nitrile to vinyl creates a sturdier glove while being cheaper than a full nitrile glove.

Cardinal Health manufactures and distributes medical supplies for the health-care industry. In addition, Cardinal Health is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products in North America.

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