Cardinal Positive Touch Latex with Neu-Thera

- Powder-free Latex Exam Glove

Cardinal Positive Touch Neuthera Latex Exam Glove


Cardinal Health's Positive Touch Latex exam glove utilizes proprietary Neuthera inner-coating technology. This exam glove has an inner coating composed of key vitamins and moisturizes to promote healthy skin. While these latex gloves are donned, the worker's hands are covered with the Neuthera formulation to combat dry, cracked skin. In addition to the Neuthera coating, this latex glove, made from natural rubber latex, is coated with Polyurethane to provide a slip-resistant grip.

Compared with standard latex gloves, Cardinal's Positive Touch latex exam glove is made with a higher degree of quality. The gloves stretch very well. The Positive Touch Latex glove is powder-free, textured, and brown in color.

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