Vinyl Exam Gloves

Disposable vinyl gloves are the most economical gloves for cost conscious facilities. Made from poly vinyl chloride material or PVC, these exam gloves provide standard barrier protection. In addition to being comfortable to wear, vinyl gloves have a soft feel. For a great value latex-free choice, vinyl exam gloves are the way to go.

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It is important to note that as with all glove types, the quality levels seen on vinyl gloves will vary. Years ago, vinyl gloves provided minimal protection and were not recommended to be used in general. Today, the glove industry has improved technology by creating stretch vinyl-synthetic material to provide comparable protection to latex gloves. All vinyl gloves labeled as exam gloves undergo must pass through same standard tests as nitrile and latex exam gloves. For this reason, many facilities are using vinyl gloves as the preferred latex-free choice.

Even though the vinyl glove has evolved over the years, this glove should not be used in high-risk or hazardous conditions. Vinyl provides weaker chemical protection and should not be used when handling chemotherapy drugs. However, vinyl exam gloves are suitable in most scenarios within the hospital environment and thus recommended.



One of the most important characteristics of vinyl exam gloves is the latex-free claim. 6 percent of the general populated have latex allergy and as many as 17% of health care workers are reported to be affected. Replacing latex gloves with nitrile gloves will help make the clinical environment safer for staff and patients with latex allergies without sacrificing the quality of gloves.


Laboratory Kid wearing vinyl glovesPrice

Vinyl gloves can not be beat when it comes to price.  In fact, it is not uncommon to see hospitals purchase gloves based on price alone. Although disposable vinyl gloves are cheaper in comparison to latex or vinyl, the price range of vinyl will vary. If you ever question the quality of any vinyl glove, be sure to request test data from the manufacturer to ensure your staff is adequately protected.


Vinyl Gloves

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