Cardinal Esteem NV Synthetic

- Powder-free Nitrile & Vinyl Exam Glove

Cardinal Esteem NV Synthetic Exam Glove


The Esteem NV Synthetic is Cardinal's newest exam glove where both nitrile and vinyl are used to make this medical glove. The NV Synthetic glove has gained popularity with healthcare facilities moving towards a latex-free enviornment. In the past, the only options available for latex-free exam gloves were either vinyl or nitrile. Nitrile exam gloves are generally preferred but is more expensive than vinyl. Vinyl exam gloves are cheap, but doesn't protect as well as nitrile gloves. Introducing vinyl exam gloves in any hospital where latex gloves were used will be challenging because the feel of vinyl gloves is different. Although research has shown that vinyl exam gloves protect against bloodborne pathogens, some nurses remain skeptical. To tackle this issue, Carinal Health created the Esteem NV Synthetic exam glove. The combination of nitrile and vinyl offers a stronger puncture resistance compared to standard vinyl gloves while remaining significantly cheaper than nitrile exam gloves. The NV Synthetic glove is powder-free and does not have textures. In addition, the Esteem NV Synthetic glove is made without accelerators to prevent allergic conditions related to the skin.

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