Cardinal Esteem Stretchy Synthetic with Neu-Thera

- Powder-free Vinyl Exam Glove

Neu-Thera Stretchy Synthetic Vinyl Exam Glove


Cardinal markets its Esteem Neu-thera Stretchy Synthetic gloves as their cost-effective latex-free vinyl glove with added benefits of Neuthera. As with all Neuthera exam gloves, Stretchy Synthetic exam glove version contains an inner coating that moisturizes the hands with a mixure of vitamins and other ingredients. Basic vinyl exam gloves can be harder to wear because they do not stretch as well as latex gloves. The Esteem Stretchy Synthetic gloves uses a formulation that gives these vinyl exam gloves more elasticity. Cardinal's Esteem Stretch Synthetic exam gloves are powder-free and are not textured.

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