Cardinal Esteem Stretchy Nitrile, Microtextured

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

Cardinal Esteem Stretchy Nitrile Exam Glove


The Esteem Stretchy Nitrile gloves are Cardinal's signature nitrile glove. Traditional nitrile gloves tend to have a stiffer feel compared to latex gloves and Cardinal's goal was to create a nitrile glove that feels more like latex. To accomplish this, the Esteem Nitrle glove is made with a more stretchy nitrile formulation with a softer feel. Cardinal's Esteem Nitrile is powder-free and fingertip textured. This glove is blue in color which is common for nitrile exam gloves which acts as a quick indicator that this exam glove is made from nitrile.

In addition to being utilized within high-stress enviornments, the Esteem Stretchy Nitrile glove is used to protect against harsh chemicals like chemotherapy drugs. The Esteem Nitrile exam glove is recognized as a dependable nitrile glove that can be widely used in laboratories as well as hospitals.

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