SemperCare Tender Touch Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

Sempermed SemperCare Tender Touch Nitrile Exam Gloves


Today, more and more healthcare facilities are migrating to a latex-free environment choosing to use nitrile gloves instead of a combination of latex and synthetic gloves. When nitrile exam gloves were first introduced to healthcare workers, it was touted as the glove to use when working with chemicals or while working in harsh environments. Hospital staff found that using nitrile gloves as general purpose exam gloves was a little over-kill. This is where the SemperCare Tender Touch nitrile exam glove fits nicely.

The SemperCare Tender Touch glove is a thinner nitrile glove recommended as a general all-purpose glove. The thinness gives the Tender Touch nitrile glove an excellent feel so that feeling for a patient’s pulse is no big deal. Best of all, the SemperCare Tender Touch exam glove is very cost-effective making it very affordable for hospitals to transition into an all-nitrile glove, latex-free environment.

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Sempermed SemperCare Tender Touch
Textured on Fingers
Tensile Strength (Before Aging)
14 MPa min
Elongation (Before Aging)
500% min
Finger Thickness
.05 mm or 2.0 mil
Palm Thickness
.05 mm or 2.0 mil
230 mm


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