Sempermed SemperSure Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

Sempermed SemperSure Nitrile Exam Gloves


Have you heard of people developing allergic reactions to exam gloves? If you work in the healthcare industry, chances are you have. The dangers of latex sensitivity are well documented and are part of hospital’s education to staff for improving patient care. Fears of developing latex sensitivity have increased the demand for exam gloves made from synthetic material like nitrile. Interestingly enough, not as frequent, there are confirmed cases of individuals developing contact dermatitis while using nitrile gloves. This is due to chemical accelerators that are used while making traditional nitrile exam gloves.

Sempermed’s SemperSure gloves are perfect for individuals who have sensitive skin because these gloves are latex-free AND have been manufactured without using chemical accelerators. The SemperSure nitrile gloves have also been tested to be safe to use with chemotherapy drugs. The SemperSure exam gloves are textured on the fingers to give you a better grip while handing wet objects.

In truth, even if you know you don’t have extremely sensitive skin, it doesn’t hurt to use the Sempermed SemperSure nitrile glove so your skin doesn’t ever develop sensitivity to accelerators.  

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Sempermed SemperSure
Textured on Fingers
Tensile Strength (Before Aging)
14 MPa min
Elongation (Before Aging)
500% min
Finger Thickness
.05 mm or 2.0 mil
Palm Thickness
.05 mm or 2.0 mil
240 mm


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