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Purple Glove - Kimberly Clark


Kimberly-Clark signature nitrile exam glove is often times referred to as the "Purple Glove". This color is unique to Kimberly-Clark and gives healthcare workers an easy visual cue letting them know that the exam glove is made from nitrile material. Nurses and doctors are trained to use the purple nitrile glove in high-stress enviornments, high contamination areas, as well as when handling hazardous chemicals. The purple glove is unique to the KC Purple Glove and health workers do not have to second guess whether the exam glove they are using is made of latex, vinyl or nitrile.

The Kimberly-Clark Purple Nitrile glove is one of the highest quality nitrile glove brands available today. The quality standards for the Purple Nitrile exceeds industry standards (ASTM D 6319) by minimizing the number of critical defects (AQL 1.5). Most importantly, Kimberly-Clark continuously tests the Purple Nitrile glove for possible development of sensitivity to prevent skin irritation from developing.

Most healthcare facilities use a combination of latex or vinyl exam gloves with nitrile exam gloves. In such cases, the latex or vinyl glove is used as the all-purpose medical glove while the nitrile glove is used is situations where extra protection is required. Kimberly-Clark's Purple Nitrile glove is preferred by many healthcare workers because they can easily tell that the exam glove is made from nitrile by its color. After all, if you knew you were going to be exposing yourself to harmful bacteria and viruses, wouldn't you want the reassurance of being protected by a quality nitrile exam glove? Textured at the fingertips for consistent grip, the Purple Glove is available in 9.5" and 12" lengths.

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