Kimberly-Clark Lavender Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

Kimberly-Clark Lavender Nitrile Gloves


If you had to choose between vinyl or nitrile gloves, which would you prefer? Kimberly-Clark is banking on the assumption that most nurses are not huge fans of vinyl gloves. So why do we even have vinyl gloves today? The answer is quite simple: they are cheap to make. Granted the top priority of hospitals is to provide quality healthcare to patients, it is still a for-profit business and health care facilities have to look at the bottom line. This is where Kimberly-Clark’s newest medical glove, the lavender nitrile glove, fits in.

The KC Lavender nitrile glove is much more affordable making it possible for hospitals to use as the go-to, all purpose, exam glove. Conducting extensive research has resulted in a thinner nitrile glove that feels more like a latex glove compared to medical gloves made out of PVC material. In fact, Kimberly-Clark reports that their studies show that the perception of Lavender nitrile gloves is better in comparison to leading vinyl gloves such as their competitor’s Medline Universal 3G gloves.

The lavender color is being received quite well with nurses as it appears to be a more natural looking color. Some have even mentioned that lighter colors such as the lavender gloves is preferable because it looks less threatening to patients, especially children.

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