Exam Glove Manufacturing Process

Wet Even Powdering


Exam glove manufacturing process - Even Powdering

Latex Gloves Undergo Wet Powdering


The glove formers then go through a wet powder  to ensure even powdering. This wet powder, also referred to as slurry, is cornstarch. Traditionally, powdered latex exam gloves were preferred compared to poweder-free versions. The powder on the gloves were beneficial in the preservation of the latex gloves and assisted in the donning process of the gloves.

In light of latex allergy concerns, research has shown that latex allergens were found in the powder particles of powdered latex gloves which can exasperate allergic reactions in the respiratory system of individuals victim to latex sensitivity. For this reason, the healthcare community has shifted to the use of powder-free medical exam gloves. Interestingly enough, the glove formers still go through the wet, even powdering stage to make powder-free latex gloves. Afterwards, the gloves will go through more ovens for further drying and additional rinsing cycles where the powder will be removed.


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