Exam Glove Manufacturing Process

Cleaning the Glove Formers


Cleaning the Glove Formers

Glove Formers on Production Line


Quality production of exam gloves include making sure the enviornment throughout the glove factory is clean. This also means formers must be cleaned to ensure there are no dirt or debris anywhere. Not cleaning the glove formers would cause the final product to possibly have defects like holes. Exam glove formers are molds in the shape of the hand made from ceramic material. To clean the glove formers, an acid bath is used by dipping the formers in them and then rinsing with clean water. The formers are then dipped into an alkaline bath to neutralize the acid, and again rinsed in clean water. Afterwards, the formers are brushed to ensure the surface of the formers are consistent. This is an important step. Factories brush the formers to eliminate pin holes on the latex gloves.

Glove factories have multiple production lines that produce batches of disposable gloves. A dirty former can result in the manufacturer being forced to trash the entire batch of exam gloves. For this reason, glove formers are regularly inspected and cleaned before the molds are dipped into coagulant tanks.


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