Microflex Supreno EC Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

Microflex Supreno EC Nitrile Gloves


Working in a high risk environment means you need to have maximum protection. Microflex's Supreno EC nitrile gloves hare made specifically for when you need to have extra durability in exam gloves. Being 7.9 mils thick, the Supreno EC gloves have extended cuffs to cover the wrists. The Supreno EC exam gloves are textured on the fingers so aid in having a secure grip while handling objects or working with instruments.

Imagine you have to clean a room that has been defecated with human waste. I would be reaching for a pair of Microflex Supreno extended cuff nitrile gloves. The thicker, longer gloves would give me the peace of mind I need to ensure I am protected from harmful pathogens.

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