Microflex SafeGrip Latex Gloves

- Powder-free Latex Exam Glove

Microflex SafeGrip Latex Gloves


If you are looking for maximum protection from a latex exam glove, Microflex's SafeGrip gloves will be your top choice. The SafeGrip latex gloves are four times thicker than traditional latex gloves being 16.5 mils thick! In addition, these latex gloves have extended cuffs being twelve inches long to provide protection on the wrists. As a visual aid, the Microflex SafeGrip gloves are colored blue so you can easily differentiate these gloves from standard latex gloves.

Microflex manufactured the SafeGrip exam gloves to be used in high-risk environments. Sometimes you know what you're getting yourself into, other times you don't. When you know you will be working with contaminated material, choose the SafeGrip glove so you know you are safe.

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