Microflex XCEED Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

Microflex XCEED Nitrile Gloves


The XCEED examination glove is one of Micoflex's latest nitrile exam gloves available. When you want the softest feeling nitrile exam glove available from Microflex, XCEED gloves are the choice. The XCEED gloves are a cost effective approach for a medical facility using nitrile gloves house-wide. Traditionally, nitrile exam gloves complemented either latex or vinyl exam gloves to be used for high risk environments or when protection was needed from harsh chemicals. As infection control practitioners advocated synthetic exam gloves to minimize latex allergy cases, vinyl exam gloves were found to be the cheapest latex-free exam glove available. Unfortunately, vinyl gloves pales in comparison to latex and nitrile with regards to comfort and fit. Microflex's XCEED exam gloves are priced attractively enough so that although they are more expensive compared to vinyl gloves, they are more affordable than standard nitrile exam gloves.

The XCEED gloves are 3.5 mils thick at the finger which is considered to be thinner than most standard nitrile gloves available. For this reason, the XCEED exam gloves will not necessarily replace the use of traditional nitrile gloves that are used in high-stress environments; however, XCEED gloves make excellent go-to exam glove for most situations. As with all exam gloves, XCEED gloves by Microflex protects the wearer from bloodborne pathogens which includes viruses and bacteria.

The XCEED nitrile glove is a perfect example of medical glove technology improving over time. The XCEED exam glove has been manufactured by using a new polymer technology that allows the glove to be soft while being durable.

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