Microflex FreeForm EC Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

Microflex FreeForm EC Nitrile Gloves


When you need maximum protection, we primarily look for two things in an exam glove, the thickness and the length. Microflex's FreeForm EC nitrile glove is just that. Made with nitrile material, the FreeForm glove is 7.5 mils thicks at the finger and has extended cuffs being 11.4 inches in length to adequately provide adequate barrier protection on the wrists in addition to the hands.

FreeForm gloves are different from standard nitrile gloves. By using a unique formula, the FreeForm gloves are more flexible and comfortable. The FreeForm EC exam gloves have been manufactured for emergency medical glove use meeting or exceeding NFPA 1999 standard. When working in hazardous or high-stress environments, the FreeForm gloves are ideal.

Granted the FreeForm nitrile glove has been manufactured for the healthcare industry, its use is quite versatile being used by mechanics, police officers, and laboratories.

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