Microflex Micro One Latex Gloves

- Powdered Latex Exam Glove

Microflex Micro One Latex Gloves


Microflex's Micro One exam gloves are thicker and longer than standard latex gloves to provide excellent tactile sensitivity. The Micro One latex gloves are lightly powdered with cornstarch to help put on the gloves easier. Note that the Micro One gloves have a smooth surface. Most latex gloves have a textured surface to provide a better grip; however, the tradeoff is that you lose some tactile sensitivity. If you are looking for a smooth surfaced latex glove, consider the Micro One glove.

*** Caution: The Microflex Micro One latex gloves are powdered. The FDA advises against powdered gloves since the powdering agents can lead to dangerous allergic reactions in individuals. Consider the powder-free glove version by Microflex: Diamond Grip Plus.

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