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Showa Best Glove provides a wide variety of latex and synthetic exam gloves boasting a full product line of over 1800 types of gloves. In 2007, Showa Glove acquired Best Glove and now operates under their new name Showa Best Glove. Showa Best Glove operates all over the world with US operations being headquartered in Menlo, Georgia. Showa Best Glove is one of the largest manufacturers of disposable medical gloves and industrial gloves as well as providing a range of specialty gloves.

Showa Best Glove specializes in manufacturing exam gloves that provide excellent chemical resistance. One of the most popular nitrile exam gloves Showa Best Glove makes is the N-DEX gloves, especially the N-DEX Free. An important characteristic of N-DEX Free nitrile gloves is that these gloves are manufactured without the use of accelerators making these exam gloves highly desired by allergy prone individuals. Although nitrile gloves have become the preferred synthetic exam glove standard, the manufacturing process of nitrile material normally utilizes chemicals called accelerators. In light of reports that there are individuals claiming to be sensitive to nitrile gloves, Showa Best Glove offered their signature N-DEX Free nitrile gloves that are free of accelerators.

Showa Best Glove is a leading manufacturer of hand protection products. As well as providing disposable gloves for law enforcement, EMS workers, and laboratories, Showa Best Glove is a major supplier of medical gloves for heathcare facilities worldwide.

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