N-DEX Free Ultimate Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

N-DEX Accelerator Free Ultimate Exam Glove



When Showa Best Glove launched their N-DEX Accelerator Free gloves, there was quite a buzz by nurses who praised the idea of nitrile gloves that were made without using accelerators. As this accelerator free nitrile glove gained more traction, demand was growing exponential as word of mouth promoted this new glove. All of this lead to healthcare workers asking for a longer version of the N-DEX accelerator free glove so they can be used in hazardous environments. Showa Best Glove listened with the launch of their new N-DEX Free Ultimate nitrile glove.

The N-DEX Free Ultimate gloves are 11 inches long as well as being thicker than the original version at 5 mils thick. The longer length provides excellent protection for your wrists in addition to your hands. Similar to the N-DEX Free, the N-DEX Free Ultimate is colored green so you can easily tell that these nitrile gloves are made without using accelerators. Showa Best Glove recommends that the N-DEX Free Ultimate gloves are great to use while handling blood borne pathogens as well as working in critical environments or labs.

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