N-DEX Accelerator Free Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

N-DEX Accelerator Free Exam Glove



Showa Best Glove was the first medical glove manufacturer to offer accelerator free nitrile gloves called the N-DEX Free gloves. The N-DEX Free gloves are revolutionary because now there is an exam glove tailored for individuals who are susceptible to allergies. To give an easy visual indication of this new nitrile glove, the N-DEX Accelerator Free gloves are colored green with texture or smooth options available. Best of all, the N-DEX Free exam gloves are made from nitrile material so these gloves retain the high quality protection nitrile provides.

It is important to note that N-DEX Free gloves are manufactured without using accelerators because these have been linked to contact dermatitis for some individuals. Most people are aware that frequent exposure to natural latex can lead to sensitivity and the development of allergies; however, few are aware of the sensitivity to accelerators. Accelerators are essentially chemicals used to make the synthetic nitrile glove and nearly all common nitrile gloves are made using them. For this reason, Showa Best Glove developed the N-DEX Accelerator Free gloves to ensure healthcare workers with sensitive hands can work comfortably in exam gloves without irritation.

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