N-DEX Ultimate Nitrile Gloves

- Powder-free Nitrile Exam Glove

N-DEX Ultimate Exam Gloves



The N-DEX Ultimate gloves by Show Best Glove is their medical-grade, clean-processed exam gloves. The N-DEX Ultimate gloves are recommended for professionals who require medical gloves that will be used in a clean-room environment such as researchers in laboratories or engineers handling electronic components. The N-DEX Ultimate undergo a special cleaning process and packaged to minimize free particles that may fall on nitrile gloves. The N-DEX Ultimate gloves are thicker than standard nitrile gloves at 6 mils thick as well as having a longer cuff. These nitrile gloves are 11 inches long versus the standard 9.5 inches. The N-DEX Ultimate nitrile gloves boast superior dexterity and comfort while minimizing the fatigue felt while the gloves are worn for an extended period of time.

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