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According to the American Cancer Society, the chances of a woman being diagnosed with breast cancer in America are roughly 1 in 8. Imagine a world without breast cancer. I truly believe it's more than possible. Together, we can take one step closer to winning the fight against breast cancer. I would like to praise several medical glove manufacturers for stepping up to the plate and showing their corporate responsibility by pledging their support for our shared vision of a breast cancer free world. Such vendors include Medline and Microflex.

As the largest medical exam glove manufacturer, Medline Industries pledged a donation to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every exam glove sold within their Generation Pink glove line since 2009. To help promote breast cancer awareness, Medline colored the Generation Pink exam gloves pink so nurses can also show other healthcare professionals and patients that they care.

Microflex has introduced their ColorTouch Pink exam glove where a portion of all proceeds go to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). To be more specific, Microflex pledged that for every case of ColorTouch Pink exam gloves sold, they will donate $1 to BCRF.

With noble exam glove companies doing their part to fight breast cancer, I can see a world where we change the 1 in 8 statistic to 0%. Every little bit counts, so let's support the battle against breast cancer by promoting the sale of our breast cancer exam gloves.


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