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Medline Aloetouch Latex Gloves


The Aloetouch Latex exam glove is Medline's premium latex medical glove containing aloe vera. The Aloe Latex glove is the original Aloetouch exam glove that made Medline's medical glove line famous. For years latex gloves were the dominant form of exam gloves and continued use were detrimental to the skin condition of the hands. To comat harsh skin conditions, Medline created the Aloetouch line to passively combat dry skin simply by donning the exam gloves. The aloe vera helps to moisturize and soothe the hands as the latex glove is worn. In addition, the Aloetouch Latex exam glove has low levels of latex protein to minimize allergic sensitivity.

So how does the aloe vera work? It starts with the aloe plant. The aloe vera plant is known to have soothing and moisturizing properties for the skin. The aloe vera gel is extracted and freeze-dried which is then applied to the inner-part of the exam gloves. The freeze drying technique is a unique method for preserving the natural properties of aloe and is activated by heat. When the exam gloves are donned, the natural heat from your body immediately activates the freeze-dried aloe so that it immediately soothes your skin.

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