Medline Accucare Latex Gloves

- Powder-free Latex Exam Glove

Medline Accucare Latex Exam Gloves


Accucare Latex is Medline's standard latex powder-free exam glove. The main property that determines the quality of latex examination gloves is the amount of natural latex sap used when manufacturing the latex glove. If more latex sap is used to make the medical gloves, the higher quality the latex glove will be because of the increased ability to stretch the glove. Elongation and tensile strength data of each latex glove will be correlated to the amount of latex sap used. Looking at product specifications, the Accucare Latex exam glove is Medline's higher quality latex glove. Like most latex gloves, the Accucare Latex is white in color and is textured evenly all around.

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