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Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace


There are common symptoms of people who are allergic to latex.  These symptoms are contact dermatitis and asthmatic conditions.  In addition, people can experience rashes, go into shock, or even possibly die.  The severity of the symptom will be due to the level of sensitivity the individual has.

Everyone has a different protection level to latex and many will live life without ever showing symptoms of sensitivity.  Those who are more susceptible will have to be cautious because once your protection wears off, you are at risk of experiencing the symptoms.  If you are concerned with having latex sensitivity, you should consult a doctor immediately to determine the validity.  It is important to include any sensitivity to latex in medical files because there are special procedures set to protect patients.

Itching and redness of skin is treatable and in most cases, discontinuing the use of latex products will solve your problem.  With the added benefit of lotions, contact dermatitis can be easily avoided.

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