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Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace


Today, you can find many reports of incidents where victims have suffered from latex allergies.  Symptoms vary, but in many cases have been serious.  Since latex allergies have been linked in some instances to death, hospitals have been taking preemptive measures to protect future patients from such dangers.

In numerous case studies, studies blame latex allergies to cause respiratory issues like asthma among patients.  Within these studies, patients were viewed on what symptoms they had while using latex gloves and were compared to what symptoms existed when the patients did not work for a prolonged period.  The results are pretty amazing.  Studies reveal that after not handling latex gloves, the patients no longer had asthmatic symptoms of wheezing and itching went away.  However, on the first day the patients returned to work and wore the latex gloves, symptoms returned.

Infection control practitioners will have numerous reports of symptoms due to latex sensitivity and the conclusion leads to one thing: avoid it.

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