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Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace


Latex is composed of certain ingredients, the primary coming from the rubber trees.  Latex is a milky liquid and as factories add chemicals into this liquid, the raw material can be used to make products like gloves and condoms.  Latex is an organic compound and proteins can be found within the liquid.  These proteins are responsible for the allergies and sensitivities reported due to latex.  Allergic reactions cause the skin to become itchy and red, otherwise known as contact dermatitis.  The more protein a glove has, the higher the risk users will develop sensitivity. 

Since latex is versatile and cost effect, many industries have found uses for this material.  In most cases, contact with latex products poses minimal risk; however, there are certain work place environments where the risks are considerably higher as seen in the health care facilities.  Within hospitals, latex has been used to create a lot of equipment including but not limited to: gloves, syringes, pads, and tubing.

Hospital environments have been called out because the workers are typically in constant contact with latex.  Sensitivity increase over prolonged exposure and allergies get worse with the prevalence of latex.  Luckily, awareness of latex concerns have risen considerably enough for facilities to consider going latex-free. 

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